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Corner Stone of BLC

image0033The Basra Investment Commission has developed the cornerstone for the city of Basra, logistics investment cost of $ 245 million on the territory of the former Camp Bucca in the presence of representative of the provincial council in Basra and Director of the municipalities of Basra and Umm Qasr district director and a number of officials.

The head of the Basra Investment Commission  Khalaf Albadran opening speech seeing the foundation stone for the largest project took a break to invest in the logistics sector and service delivery, and we believe that this project is the most important investment projects that have a significant economic impact on the province of Basra, as it will provide thousands of jobs during the 40 years old, a city of integrated logistics services for business in the province, in addition to distinguish the location adjacent to the ports , which will activate the commercial ports nearby, especially the ports of Umm Qasr and Khor Al-Zubair, as well as its proximity to the Safwan border with Kuwait .


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